Callaghan Country

Callaghan Country

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Callaghan Country

Phone: 1.877.938.0616
Street Address: Callaghan Valley
Distance To Village: 20.0 Kms

Situated in the protected pristine wilderness of the world famous Callaghan Valley, just one hour’s drive from North Vancouver, Callaghan Country offers the best in both Day Use Cross Country Skiing and Overnight Backcountry Ski Touring opportunities.

Since its creation in 1981, Callaghan Country has been garnering a reputation as the destination for the true mountain adventurer and ski enthusiast. Visitors are free to explore the majesty of ice clad summits, the rush of glacial creeks, the calm of an alpine tarn or the fading soft hues of a meadow landscape or old growth cedar forest at dusk. In addition, Callaghan Country’s unique Journeyman Lodge location and programs offer something for everyone.

Whistler, BC is justifiably known for its abundance of snow. The reasons for that are explained by the warm moist maritime air masses that move unobstructed up the valley from neighboring Howe Sound to elevations that are sufficiently cold enough to produce snow. Callaghan Country is sandwiched on the Lee side of the aptly named Powder Mountain. The difference in microclimate is astounding. That same warm, moist Howe Sound air mass that rolls along the valley to Whistler now needs to climb 2350 metres elevation and cross 7 kilometres of permanent snowfield before dropping its now, super cooled, fluffy, abundance down on the wind protected Upper Callaghan Valley. The result is an average annual snowpack of 680 centimetres and an assured long ski season with colder snow, ideal conditions for both x-country skiers and backcountry tourers alike.

Snow typically lingers at Callaghan Lodge until mid-June, but as the valley clears, the recreational possibilities are endless. The valley floor livens with beautiful alpine flowers, and rushing creeks, while the sounds of young songbirds, and whistling marmots fill the air. Fish abound in Callaghan Lake. As summer peaks, alpine heather and flowers bloom with an explosion of colour, and there are ample chances to view a variety of wildlife. By mid-September nature changes gears with the bounty of blueberries! The golden hues of fall paint a warm glow as the valley slows in anticipation of the stillness of winter. Come at a time when the landscape is a scene of pure activity and transformation!

Callaghan Country

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