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Get Bear Smart Society

Phone: 604.905.4209
Street Address: P.O. Box 502, Whistler BC
Distance To Village: 0.0 Kms

The Get Bear Smart Society is a registered Canadian charity that works hard to ensure people and bears safely and respectfully coexist wherever their homes and home ranges overlap. Our staff, board and supporters champion progressive management policies and human behaviours that reduce human-bear conflicts. This inevitably improves public safety, limits property damage and reduces the number of bears that needlessly die each year as a result of these preventable conflicts.

Although our work informs and influences bear management practices and policies across North America, we focus much of our time and energy on the resort community of Whistler, BC, where we are based. The improvements achieved over the years as part of our BearSmart Whistler Program illustrate what can be accomplished by implementing Bear Smart policies and practices. As a result of Get Bear Smart programs, the number of conflict bears that have been killed has been reduced by more than 50 per cent over the last decade — despite the fact the number of human-bear interactions has increased four-fold. This makes Whistler a leader in the ongoing attempt to establish a truly Bear Smart community that can act as a model for other communities to follow. Together, we can create a paradigm shift in people's attitudes toward bears and other wildlife by replacing fear and ignorance with understanding and respect.

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