Whistler Black Bears Go Into Hibernation For The Winter Season

The Whistler Black Bears have gone into hibernation now in advance of the cold Winter season. All of the Black Bears in the Sea To Sky area enjoy the warm Summer months where they eat wild berries and fresh grass around the holiday resort. When the cold Winter months come and the snow falls, they hibernate in underground dens where they sleep until the Spring season. There are many Black Bears that live in the Whistler, BC, Canada area. Many of them can be seen from the chairlifts when sightseeing on Whistler Blackcomb mountains. There are also professional Black Bear sightseeing tours available during the Summer months. Make sure to bring your camera when you visit the vacation resort and you might be able to catch a photo of the Black Bears in their natural surroundings.

Whistler Black Bears

Photo by: Logan Swayze / Coast Photo

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