Purebread Bakery In Whistler Village

Purebread Bakery has opened up a new location in the village that offers a great selection of fresh baked goods for sale 7 days a week. There is an awesome selection of pastry for sale at this location during all seasons. The village location is next to Whistler Olympic Plaza. The original location is in Function Junction and still remains open. This handmade products offered by this company are very popular with local residents and visitors to the resort. Make sure to browse the selection available at the village location when you come to Whistler for a relaxing holiday experience. Enjoy the local flavors offered by this original bakery in the village. The photo below is from the fresh baked bread selection that is available at the very central village location.

Purebread Bakery Whistler Village

Photo by: Matt Murray / mattmurrayphotography.com

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