World Ski and Snowboard Festival -CANCELED-

World Ski and Snowboard Festival

The annual World Ski and Snowboard Festival (WSSF) is an integral part of the winter season in Whistler. Every year, the festival serves up a schedule of colourful events showcasing its amazing athletes, artists and musicians on the Whistler stage. From outdoor free music concerts, to a showdown of incredible photography and film-making masterpieces, free ride championships, and many more. This annual Whistler festival has something for everyone. The best senior and junior skiers and riders to put their big mountain skills to the ultimate test. Judges will grade the contestants based on style, control, technique, fluidity and line choice. With so much talent in the one place, and these athletes are pushing the boundaries of their sports with passion and unwavering fearlessness, you don't want to miss seeing this event! Off the mountain, the entertainment continues. The showdowns are always a crowd favourite and will leave you in awe of each entrant's originality, creative genius and ability to capture some incredible moments with such breathtaking and flawless artistry. The festival delivers so many other events, including free concerts daily bringing the village alive for many days of uninterrupted fun and enjoyment. Come and be a part of what makes Whistler in the winter so unforgettable. Make sure to dress warm and bring your camera to enjoy this amazing series of epic events during the Spring season in Whistler resort.


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Photos by: Mike Crane - Tourism Whistler

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