Breakfast Spots In Whistler

Whistler’s Favorite First Meals of the Day

So aptly put by American journalist and author John Gunther, “All happiness depends on a leisurely breakfast.” To boost your vacation happiness, start the day off on the right foot by fueling the body with what it craves. The picturesque mountain town of Whistler, British Columbia is full of delicious spots for indulging in a hearty breakfast. Here are the top-ranked breakfast spots often overlooked by tourists and enjoyed by locals:


Open from 8:00 am, this quaint and cozy breakfast joint will surpass your breakfast cravings. Sourcing local ingredients from Pemberton and Vancouver Island, the homemade plates are crafted with creativity and love. Try their famous benedicts, their delicious sweet and savoury options, or exquisite baked frittatas. There are plenty of options to satisfy every palate, so treat your taste buds to a memorable breakfast.

Crêpe Montage

Open from 8:00 am, this French-owned and operated crêperie opened in November 1997. You’ll find yourself surrounded by navy blue and white brick interior to accompany your traditional French breakfast. Known for their service and quality, this breakfast spot will whisk you away with delicious homemade crêpes including buckwheat based-savoury ones and your typical sweet or fruity options.

Southside Diner

A carefully crafted recipe consisting of determination, several alarm clocks, copious amounts of caffeine and a passion for North American favourites brought about the Southside Diner. Open from 7:00 am with a line often waiting outside the door, this breakfast joint is the epitome of your typical diner – vibrant menus, creamy milkshakes, classic favourites like eggs benedict and deliciously crafted ‘Southside Faves.’ Scrumptious North American-inspired food with a comical environment, this ‘local trap’ is often the talk of the town and will have you ranting about your experience until your next visit.


Located in the upper village, Portobello is open early and has options for everyone. This vibrant breakfast joint is great for fueling up before a big day of activities, we recommend their Breakfast Scrambler Bowls choose between different meats or veggies on top of scrambled eggs and local potatoes. Those in a rush to get the first chair up the mountain, grab a breakfast sandwich and some house-made pastries to eat whilst in line!

Whatever the craving, Whistler’s variety of breakfast options has something to satisfy everyone. Take your taste buds on vacation by planning your next stay with ResortQuest Whistler.

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