Cross Country Skiing Activity In Whistler Resort

Cross country skiing is a popular Winter activity in the Whistler, BC, Canada area during the Winter season. There are many great public trails to choose from that are located beside Whistler village and in the Callaghan Valley. The Lost Lake cross country ski trails are located just a few minutes walk beside Whistler village. The Callaghan Valley area cross country ski trails are located 10 minutes drive South on HWY 99. All of the trails are well maintained and feature beautiful Pacific Coast mountain range scenery during the Winter season. The snow conditions are some of the best in the world for cross country skiing during the main Winter season. Whistler resort has a lot to offer those who enjoy all types of skiing activities. During the Winter season your vacation group can enjoy the variety of cross country trails available for excellent adventures.

Cross Country Skiing

Photo by: Toshi Kawano

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Whistler Blackcomb Resort Opens With Excellent Snow Conditions

Whistler Blackcomb resort opened on November 16, 2013 with excellent snow conditions for early season skiing and snowboarding. Everyone was excited as Whistler mountain was open to the public for great ski and snowboard conditions in the alpine areas. The snow continues to fall in advance of the holiday season. Families enjoy all that the mountain resort has to offer during the Winter season with great outdoor activities. Whistler Blackcomb resort offers the very best skiing, snowboarding and sightseeing during the Winter season when all are welcome to explore the alpine areas. Blackcomb mountain opens on November 28, 2013 and that is where the world famous Crystal Hut waffles can be found.

Whistler Skiing

Photo by: Emily Serrell /

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Whistler Accommodations & Discount Lift Tickets

The very best Whistler Blackcomb Winter season vacations are available during 2013 / 2014. You can purchase excellent Whistler accommodation rentals and discount mountain lift tickets from ResortQuest Whistler to save on your next holiday visit! Everyone in your group can enjoy skiing, snowboarding and sightseeing during the Winter season on the mountains. It is a very memorable experience to go up the lifts and explore the upper alpine areas of Whistler Blackcomb resort. There are over 200 ski and snowboard runs available along with the Peak 2 Peak Gondola for sightseeing. Make sure to plan your entire Winter vacation in Whistler, BC, Canada in advance of your arrival to the resort because there are a lot of outdoor activities available. Dress warm and bring your camera because there are many very scenic areas in the Pacific Coast mountains of British Columbia, Canada.

Whistler Blackcomb Vacations

Photo by: Mike Crane /

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Whistler Black Bears Go Into Hibernation For The Winter Season

The Whistler Black Bears have gone into hibernation now in advance of the cold Winter season. All of the Black Bears in the Sea To Sky area enjoy the warm Summer months where they eat wild berries and fresh grass around the holiday resort. When the cold Winter months come and the snow falls, they hibernate in underground dens where they sleep until the Spring season. There are many Black Bears that live in the Whistler, BC, Canada area. Many of them can be seen from the chairlifts when sightseeing on Whistler Blackcomb mountains. There are also professional Black Bear sightseeing tours available during the Summer months. Make sure to bring your camera when you visit the vacation resort and you might be able to catch a photo of the Black Bears in their natural surroundings.

Whistler Black Bears

Photo by: Logan Swayze / Coast Photo

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Whistler Blackcomb Resort Set For Another Great Winter

Whistler Blackcomb is set for another great Winter season during 2013 / 2014. Everyone will enjoy awesome skiing and snowboarding at the resort during the coldest months of the year when the snow is falling. Whistler Blackcomb resort has over 200 runs across both mountains and is the largest resort in all of North America. There is always lots of snow to provide epic holiday visits during the Winter season. Your entire group can choose the most exciting outdoor activities from the wide selection available. ResortQuest Whistler offers excellent slopeside accommodation rentals that are ski-in / ski-out. You can even purchase discount mountain lift tickets along with your lodgings. Visit beautiful BC, Canada during the Winter season and relax during the very best vacation experience.

Whistler Blackcomb

Photo by: Mitch Winton / Coast Photo

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Canadian Cheese Rolling Festival

The Canadian Cheese Rolling Festival is an annual event that takes place at the base of Blackcomb mountain during the warm Summer season. The event consists of rolling a large round of cheese down the slopes of Blackcomb mountain and having competitors chase after it. The first person to catch the cheese round wins the event. This outdoor Summer event is an annual tradition in Whistler resort each year. The photo below is from the 2013 event that was held directly in front of the Coast Blackcomb Suites rental accommodations.

Canadian Cheese Rolling Festival Whistler

Photo by: Nan Zhu

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Nature in Whistler Resort

Whistler resort is surrounded by nature during all seasons in the beautiful mountains of BC, Canada. Many different types of animals live in the local area and can be found during sightseeing adventures around the resort. This photo below is a Marmot during the Summer season. Whistler obtained it’s name from this animal which makes loud calling sounds during the warm Summer months.

Nature In Whistler Resort

Photo by: Paul Morrison /

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Exciting Dockdogs Event In Whistler Village

Whistler resort hosted the first ever Dockdogs event during 2013 and it was an exciting display of family friendly animal competition. There was three different types of competitions for dogs and owners during the July 2013 weekend. The highlight of the events was the Extreme Vertical competition where the dogs jumped as high as they could to grab a toy that was suspended up in the air. This 2013 Dockdogs event was entertaining for the public who enjoyed the events and social engagements. Whistler Olympic Park hosted the free, outdoor 2013 events with lots of warm Summer sunshine for everyone. There were many different types of dogs that attended the events. The photo below is from the Extreme Vertical event.

Dockdogs Whistler Event

Photo by: Matt Murray /

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Kids Performance By The Vancouver Symphony Orchestra

During July 2013 the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra provided Whistler village with a kids performance that was very entertaining. Many families enjoyed the free, outdoor concert on the sunny Sunday afternoon during the warm Summer season. The Vancouver Symphony Orchestra visits Whistler resort once per year during the Summer season for public concerts in the village. The performances have now become an annual tradition for people visiting and living in BC, Canada. These are refined acoustic performances that are great for family friendly entertainment. Whistler Olympic Plaza hosts the main events and the village is where smaller groups perform. The photo below is from the kids performance on the main stage during 2013.

Vancouver Symphony Orchestra

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Whistler Village Summer Artwork

Whistler village hosts some of the best public artwork displays in the Sea To Sky Corridor during the Summer months. When the warm weather comes to Whistler, BC, Canada the village becomes a great place to walk around for dining, shopping, entertainment and also catching up with the large variety of public street performers. Many artists visit the village each Summer to provide colorful performances for the public to enjoy. There is a large variety of beautiful artwork available to the public in all areas of the village. These are family friendly events for everyone to enjoy when visiting the village. Many visitors to the resort are able to experience the local artwork displays during their Summer vacations. The photo below is from a public street performance in the village during the Summer of 2013.

Whistler Village Artwork

Photo: Matt Murray Whistler /

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Vancouver Symphony Orchestra In Whistler Resort

Classic Vancouver Symphony Orchestra performances continued during 2013 in Whistler village with a nice selection of free outdoor concerts. This year featured more concerts than ever and in all areas of the village also. It was a great celebration of classic music that was very entertaining for visitors and local residents of the resort. Beautiful BC, Canada plays host to dream vacations during the warm Summer months and this type of refined performance is a great experience. The photo below is from Skier’s Plaza at the base of Whistler Blackcomb mountains where the public could enjoy one of the smaller live performances during the afternoon sunshine.

Vancouver Symphony Orchestra Whistler

Photo by: Matt Murray /

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Traditional Native Hoop Dancing

Native hoop dancing is a traditional style of performance that is popular in the Whistler resort area. The province of BC, Canada has many different styles of native hoop dancing.

Native Hoop Dancing

Photo by: Matt Murray /

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2013 Canada Day Celebration In Whistler Village

Canada Day is celebrated in Whistler village each year as the local community and visitors to the resort gather for the traditional parade. This is a fun holiday festival which takes place during the day with lots of entertainment. Whistler village is a great place to enjoy this annual holiday party where everyone enjoys all that Canada has to offer. The photo below is from the main bridge where local residents celebrated.

2013 Canada Day Celebration

Photo by: Matt Murray /

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Purebread Bakery In Whistler Village

Purebread Bakery has opened up a new location in the village that offers a great selection of fresh baked goods for sale 7 days a week. There is an awesome selection of pastry for sale at this location during all seasons. The village location is next to Whistler Olympic Plaza. The original location is in Function Junction and still remains open. This handmade products offered by this company are very popular with local residents and visitors to the resort. Make sure to browse the selection available at the village location when you come to Whistler for a relaxing holiday experience. Enjoy the local flavors offered by this original bakery in the village. The photo below is from the fresh baked bread selection that is available at the very central village location.

Purebread Bakery Whistler Village

Photo by: Matt Murray /

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2013 Whistler Tough Mudder Event

The annual Whistler Tough Mudder event had extreme mud obstacles during 2013 in the Callaghan Valley forest area. The Whistler Olympic Park hosted the event for a second year and it was a great success with thousands of entrants challenging the natural outdoor forest course. Beautiful scenic mountains and fresh Pacific Coast air made this event an adventurous tour into the old growth forest areas. Many visitors to the resort enjoyed a vacation in the village and also competing in the 2013 Tough Mudder event. This event is very popular and attracts thousands of entrants each year. Many holiday groups enjoyed visiting Whistler, BC, Canada for the event. The photo below is from the Mile Of Mud obstacle which offered extreme mud for every event participant.

Tough Mudder Whistler

Photo by: Matt Murray / matt

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Local Artwork Made In Whistler Resort

Excellent artwork is made by a variety of local artists in the Whistler resort area. The Summer season is when all of the unique artistic creations are on display for the public. The local art galleries or the Farmer’s Market in the Upper Village area of the resort are great places to find beautiful artwork. There are a wide variety of artists who live and work in the Sea To Sky Corridor areas of BC, Canada. The handmade pottery below is on display in the local art gallery located in the Alpine Meadows area of Whistler resort.

Vincent Massey Artwork

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