2013 Whistler Tough Mudder Event

The annual Whistler Tough Mudder event had extreme mud obstacles during 2013 in the Callaghan Valley forest area. The Whistler Olympic Park hosted the event for a second year and it was a great success with thousands of entrants challenging the natural outdoor forest course. Beautiful scenic mountains and fresh Pacific Coast air made this eventĀ an adventurous tour into the old growth forest areas. Many visitors to the resort enjoyed a vacation in the village and also competing in the 2013 Tough Mudder event. This event is very popular and attracts thousands of entrants each year. Many holiday groups enjoyed visiting Whistler, BC, Canada for the event. The photo below is from the Mile Of Mud obstacle which offered extreme mud for every event participant.

Tough Mudder Whistler

Photo by: Matt Murray / matt murrayphotography.com

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