Glacier Season On Blackcomb

During the Summer months of June and July your entire vacation group can enjoy the glacier skiing and snowboarding on Blackcomb mountain. There are various freestyle / racing camps available and the general public can also upload starting at 11:00 AM for access to limited terrain. The lifts to the top of Blackcomb mountain are very scenic and the skiing and snowboarding is a nice treat during the warm Summer season. An excellent holiday lunch is available at the Horstman Hut that overlooks the beautiful 7th Heaven area. This Summer season activity is highly recommended for your entire group. You can go skiing or snowboarding and even just sightseeing as a walk on. Enjoy the memorable views from the top of Blackcomb mountain when you explore the snow at the top during glacier season.

Glacier Season

Photo by: Mike Crane / Tourism Whistler

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